Julian Vigil

Julian Vigil

Account Executive

Julian Vigil has over 11 years of experience in real estate and 7 years as a private money loan originator and loves to combine his marketing/copywriting/data skills to create real estate and sales systems to generate more revenue.

Throughout his career, he has met and closed deals with many professionals and familiarized himself with numerous attorneys, escrow agents, agents, general contractors, and many investors nationwide.

Known to have an unconventional approach, Julian brings a Zen-like quality to his work and reflects on his exploratory travels nationally and internationally to gain perspective and better communicate to investors and clients alike.

He has started several companies and been a part of many bootstrap startups and enjoys the company building process and engaging in negotiations, leaning on a battle-tested approach.

Julian holds a bachelor’s degree in business and journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is part of many real estate investor groups. In his spare time, Julian enjoys the outdoors, beaches, concerts, sports, travel, and spending time with family. He currently resides in Boston with his girlfriend and dog.


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