Hard Money Lender Open During COVID-19

Hard Money Lender Open During COVID-19

Anchor Loans is a hard money lender that is open for business and serving fix and flip investors during COVID-19 

During these difficult times fix and flip investors looking for additional assistance with funding their projects and closing deals will find Anchor Loans open for business. Anchor Loans has a fully operational team that’s working remotely to continue to fund flips for all of its clients. With our intuitive fintech and our team of skilled loan processors, Anchor can approve and fund loans in 5-10 business days. 

What types of Hard Money Loans is Anchor Loans Funding During COVID-19 ?

Anchor Loans can help real estate investors who are in need of

Fix and Flip Loans for the purchase and improvement of investment properties.

Construction Loans for ground up construction or tear down and rebuild of investment properties.

Bridge Loans for real estate investors in need of quick capital to fund their house flips.

In what states is Anchor Loans Funding Loans During COVID-19?

For over 20 years Anchor Loans has provided real estate investors across the United States with access to needed capital for their real estate investment projects. Anchor has recently added a new state, and is now taking applications from the state of Idaho. Anchor Loans now funds hard money loans for fix and fix projects in 47 states across the country. 

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