Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Lender

Quick, reliable Hard Money Loans: Maximize your fix-and-flip business potential.


Looking for quick capital?

Fix-and-flip real estate investors looking for quick capital to fund their projects often turn to a hard money lender for easier qualifying and faster funding than conventional banks offer. Compared to a bank, which will have strict minimum guidelines for property condition and borrower credit history, a hard money lender focuses more on the property’s after-repair value than its as-is condition, giving hard money lenders the flexibility to approve loans on distressed properties—even to borrowers with credit challenges. And, unlike a bank, which typically takes 30-45 days to close a loan, a hard money lender can approve and fund a fix-and-flip loan in just a few days.

In the highly competitive fix-and-flip market where “cash is king,” a hard money lender offers real estate entrepreneurs the agility and flexibility to quickly execute purchase contracts, compete at foreclosure auctions, close cash-only deals and fund construction. Savvy fix-and-flip investors looking to leverage their cash on hand and snap up multiple deals may find hard money loans to be a great option for scaling up volume and increasing their ROI—but it is critical to choose a licensed, reputable hard money lender with the expertise, advanced technology and customer service team that can deliver streamlined operations and dependable results.

Anchor Loans is the number one hard money lender to fix-and-flip investors in the U.S.

Anchor Loans is the nation’s number one private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors, and was the first to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year. Anchor remains the industry leader, providing over $1 billion in fix-and-flip financing every year since 2016—with life-to-date fundings surpassing $9.90 Billion.

Anchor Loans has become the nation’s leading fix-and-flip lender by providing real estate entrepreneurs with the fastest and most reliable funding options on the market—and by prioritizing customer service above all. When a borrower applies for an Anchor Loan, their assigned account executive, lead loan processor and loan servicing team work closely with them to streamline the application and approval process, expedite funding, provide expert project feedback and support the overall growth and success of their business.

Anticipating the needs of borrowers and creating honest, long-term client relationships is at the core of Anchor’s business model. We know our customers appreciate the seamless approval process, fast funding and decades of expertise that come with Anchor financing because they return to us for multiple projects, and they often refer friends and family. In fact, more than 85% of Anchor’s customers are repeat borrowers, and more than 70% of Anchor’s new borrowers were referred by an Anchor client.

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If you’re ready for your next fix-and-flip project and think you may be a good fit with Anchor Loans, we’d love to hear from you. Visit AnchorLoans.com to sign up for an account in under a minute and fill out a free borrower application via a secure and user-friendly guided process. Our fast, flexible and transparent lending process can help you meet your funding needs on your fix-and-flip projects.