Stories of a First-Time Home Flipper and Single Woman

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Journey of a Single Woman House Flipper

In a wonderful series of articles, the Chicago Tribune follows Beth Franken, a first-time home flipper and a single woman.  In many ways, her journey is similar to one that almost of us probably went through during our first-time foray into fixing-and-flipping a property. The floor guy doesn’t show, a sanitary pipe ends up outside the house instead of inside, and a kitchen appliance is too big for where it needs to go. In the last example, everyone looks at the appliance – the plumber, the carpenter, the electrician – and she suspects that nobody feels it is their problem. And then she realizes….they may be right!


first time fix-and-flip

But in other ways, Beth struggles with concerns over being taken advantage of by contractors as a single woman. A bill comes in much higher than her initial quote, and she has to navigate some choppy waters to find out if it is a legitimate increase or not. She keeps her cool, and in the end the answer is probably what you’d expect. Yes, there is a reason for the increase, someone overlooked a couple of things. But no, they also should have known better. The resolution, she pays more…but not all of it.


Does this sound like you?  Or maybe an earlier version of you? If it is, or if you know someone who is just getting started in the business of flipping homes, feel free to follow her journey through these and other stories


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