Using House Flip Loans to Leverage Cash Reserves

Some real estate investors are hesitant to include house flip loans in their house flipping business plan because they fear that the cost of borrowing capital will eat into their profits and lower their ROI.  However, if you are a fix and flip investor who is relying strictly on cash reserves to build your real Read this Article »

Use a Bridge Loan to “Close as Cash” on a Fix-and-Flip Property

When the seller of a distressed property stipulates "cash only," it is often because they need to close the deal quickly. This type of seller is looking for a buyer who does not need to wait for approval from a lender to fund the purchase. A cash-only seller cannot risk having the sale fall through Read this Article »

Fix-and-Flip Investing: Heading into 2020 What is the Industry Outlook for House Flippers?

The latest industry numbers are out from the real estate data experts at ATTOM DATA Solutions, and according to their Q2 2019 U.S. Home Flipping Report house flipping is on the rise, and some fix-and-flip markets are seeing an average gross ROI surpassing 100%. However, when it comes to market competition, average number of days Read this Article »

How To Find Fix-and-Flip Deals

Every fix-and-flip investor’s success hinges on one critical element: having properties to flip! Understanding how to acquire viable investment properties is crucial to all investors, from beginners to the most experienced fix-and-flip veterans. How is it done? Exploring the methods of experienced “fix-and-flip investors is a great road map. How successful fix-and-flip investors find properties Read this Article »

Empty Rental Property: How To Make It Rent-able

An empty rental property isn’t the worst thing that can happen in your real estate business, but it’s far from ideal.

Five Ways to Build a Long-term Real Estate Investment Strategy

Many view real estate investing as a short-term game. Fix-and-flip investing, in particular, can seem like an opportunity to get in, make some money, and get out.

How to Create and Increase Your Real Estate Portfolio with a 1031 Exchange

You may have gotten your feet wet with fixing and flipping real estate. There are few things more exciting than being part of a significant property transformation and watching your profits grow.

From Anchor’s CFO: As Your Company Grows, Be Sure to Offer This Surprising Top Employee Perk

In one of the tightest labor markets in a very long time, companies are looking for ways to attract and retain employees.

Three Market Indicators Fix-and-Flip Investors Should Watch

Fix-and-flip investing is no casual money-making scheme. It takes careful planning and foresight to succeed in every step, from purchasing your property, to renovation, to the eventual resale of your investment property. Understanding the market conditions that help lead to a “sold” sign is key to getting the best return on your investment. Here are Read this Article »

9 Questions About Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are an ideal option for successful real estate entrepreneurs who might not meet the requirements for traditional bank loans. Anchor Loans has more than 20 years of experience in fix-and-flip and rental property financing.  Here are nine questions real estate investors may have about hard money loans: What makes hard money loans Read this Article »