Hard Money Loans to Flip Houses | Before and After Photos

The property renovations shown below were made possible with the hard work and talent of a real estate investor using Anchor Loans' short-term hard money loans to flip houses. HARD MONEY LOANS to FLIP HOUSES | FULLERTON, CA PURCHASE PRICE: $750,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $177,000 SOLD PRICE: $1,385,000 So many surprises await inside this renovated ranch-style home. Read this Article »

What House Flipping Insurance Does a Real Estate Investor Need?

If you've purchased a fix-and-flip property and you are preparing to start renovations, you may be wondering what type of house flipping insurance is needed at different stages of your project. While many novice house flippers believe that they are fully covered by just adding their new investment property to their personal homeowner's policy, it Read this Article »

New Construction Upgrades That Add Value

Of course, it’s great to add trendy design features that make your new house stand out among competing homes, but what are the new construction upgrades that add value to the finished home? When building an investment property from the ground up, there are always new market trends that real estate agents can use to Read this Article »

Can an Accessory Dwelling Unit Add Value to Your House Flip?

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? An accessory dwelling unit is a self-contained living quarters inside of, attached to, or on the same lot as the property’s existing single family home. You may have heard the terms “mother-in-law suite” “carriage house” or “granny flat” to describe this type of dwelling. In order to be Read this Article »

Anchor Loans Announces Stephen Pollack’s Plan to Retire as CEO and Continue Service as a Member of the Board of Directors

NEW YORK-NY—August 13, 2020— Anchor Loans announced today that Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Dr. Stephen Pollack, will retire as CEO in the 4th quarter of this year but will continue to serve as a full-time member of the Board of Directors. Anchor’s Board of Directors has elected Andrew Pollock, current Chief Operations Officer (and Read this Article »

Anchor Loans Working with Proto Homes to Provide Prefab Home Loans

PRESS RELEASE 8.11.2020 Renowned Technology-Powered Prefab Home Brand Works With Nation's Largest Fix & Flip Loan Provider to Create Prefab Home Loans For the first time, real estate developers and investors can apply for a loan specifically designed to finance the construction of a brand new prefab home. Prefab homes like those produced by Los Read this Article »

Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles

Hard Money Lenders in Los Angeles provide financing for the purchase of fix and flip properties as well as property repairs and upgrades. Also, many hard money lenders in Los Angeles offer new construction loans. For experienced fix and flip investors in the Los Angeles area, one of the successful growth strategies in their house Read this Article »

Why Do Hard Money Lenders Require a Down Payment?

House flipping entrepreneurs who are considering using a hard money loan for the first time often ask, "Why do hard money lenders require a down payment?" Many real estate investors, especially those who are just getting started in the house flipping business, are looking for 100% financing of their projects, and they may not understand Read this Article »

Are You Hurting Your House Flipping Business by Over-Improving Your Properties?

If you are a fix and flip investor, the core focus of your house flipping business plan should be to maximize ROI. Although transforming an ugly outdated house into a stunning home is pretty satisfying in itself, the house flipping business isn't just about beautiful transformations--it's about return on investment. House Flipping Business Success Requires Read this Article »

Fix and Flip Before and After Photos | Hard Money Loan

The flip property renovations featured below were made possible with the talent and hard work of an Anchor Loans borrower using capital from a short term hard money loan from Anchor Loans.   LOS ANGELES, CA  - CONSTRUCTION HARD MONEY LOAN PURCHASE PRICE: $2,150,000 IMPROVEMENTS: $900,000 SOLD PRICE: $4,050,000 This skilled Southern California borrower turned Read this Article »